1. Digital skills: 

Improve your skills, knowledge and experience in the field of business informatics. Regardless of which profession you preffer, using modern digital solutions is a must for every job today. Besides, digital  skills are very useful in everyday life! You will have a chance to master MS Office package, using internet for bussines, development of simple and complex internet presentations and websites using WordPress, basics of marketing and using the digital tools for creating marketing campaign across social networks and other channels, producing audio, video and photo content which are essential for every marketing campaign today. You have an opportunity to become competive in the labour marke and to choose for who will you work, when and how much!

1.1. Trainers/mentors:

Ana Babac

Bachelor degree in Computer science

Software engineer, Whitespectre

Software engineer with over 7 years of experience in digital skills, computer science and software development. Enthusiastic about the art and specifically the ballet. During a career worked with technologies like WordPress, Vue.js, React, Angular, ASP.NET/C# and used many tools and programs. As a senior developer was involved with training the junior developers and mentoring the internship employees.

Aleksandar Plamenac

He is currently working as a teaching associate at the Faculty of Science. He also has several courses in cooperation with the ” NVU Studenski Savez PMF-a”, which focused on technologies: Angular, ReactJS, NodeJS, Laravel, MySQL and MongoDB.  He is the founder of the company “Firenet DOO” where he works with the design and implementation of web and mobile applications.


Filip Lalović

CEO & Founder, Clean Express

Entrepreneur and manager with innovative and creative approach to the business. Many years of experience in various fields of business management with smart implementation of digital technologies and modern IT solutions led to mentoring others in this field . During a career worked with programs like MS office bundle, advanced features of Excel, HTML, CSS, WordPress, JavaScript and many others. Huge experience in hardware configuration and reparation, connection with software and putting everything together in the service of business. Has experience in mentoring various workshops and education programs.

Sanel Ljušković

Scrum MasterClass

Business Analyst, Agile Project Management

Vice president of Business operations, B2B

Experienced project manager, scrum master and consultant for business operations. Worked in the position of project manager for both smaller and big EU projects in the local government office for Bijelo Polje. Has experience in writing, preparing and coordinating the project implementation, as well as reporting to the offices of EU comission in Montenegro. Worked as a program manager in Science Technology Park on the preparation of the ICT projects and applications. As a Scrum master worked with IT team on delivering complex applications within the Coinis company.

  1. Soft skills:

Soft skills are highly valued on the labor market. They include a set of skills a person can apply in different workplaces and industries. Within the soft skills course you’ll complete three different modules:

Business communication- I module

Personal skills redesign: creating and improving success strategies – II module

Conflict transformation – Regional

Each module includes theory and practical work, and lasts for 4 days. All modules will take place in Podgorica, where you will get a chance to meet young people from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Kosovo and Albania.

Within this course you will have the opportunity to develop a proactive approach to problems that arise at the workplace, critical thinking skills, learn to communicate efficiently, successfully work within a team using individual capacities as a resource, develop resilience and self-esteem in order to provide adequate answers to the fast changes and stressful situations at work, use conflicts as a resource for development.

  1. Career counseling:

In this career counseling course, you will have the opportunity to get to know different aspects of yourself, regarding your professional orientation. We have prepared a package of HR questionnaires and tests from the psychotherapeutic field Transactional analysis. In addition, the course includes two interactive group workshops in which you will master the skill of creating and presenting your own CV, in EUROPASS form. Real situations of presenting work biographies when applying for a job will be simulated, solving of challenging tasks in creative way and roll play.

You will discover your own capacities, interests, team preferences, internal motivators (but also saboteurs) and master the space within yourself needed for authentic and responsible managing of career decisions.

 3.1. Mentors:  

Žarko Ivanović

Psychologist and certified psychotherapist in the field of Transactional Analysis, head coach and founder of the OkTA Center. Žarko has more than 10 years of experience, he worked in human resources, and group and individual psychotherapy and coaching. In his work combines the latest HR trends with subtle psychotherapeutic knowledge and skills. He is inspired by possibilty to awaken desire to win autonomy in young people.

Lidija Ivanović

Coach in the field of Organizational Transactional Analysis under the supervision of Inact Academy, program coordinator and founder of the OkTA Center. Lidia has many years of experience in developing the potential of individuals, teams and organizations. She creatively

combines knowledge from the fields of economics, psychology and coaching. She is motivated to encourage people to “manage” their own potential.

  1. Showcase day:

Learning anything new, acquiring new knowledge or a skill, makes sense only if it brings a new value into your life. In a digital era we live in, employers want to have a people with advanced digital knowledge and experience working with various programs and tools. After mastering these areas you will be ready to shine on the job interview which will be organized by us along with companies from various industry sectors. Standing in front of your new job, you will be full of confidence because you came prepared, with desirable knowledge and skills. You will get to choose your next employer, and not vice versa!

5. Timeframe: