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We, in the ERSTE foundation, are impressed with the high quality of work and constant efforts directed towards progress and the achievement of better results of the Forum MNE. Here I would like to emphasize their professionalism, proactive spirit, creativity, and employee relations. FORUM MNE enjoys our full confidence and we want to take this opportunity to give them recognition for their efforts during many years of our cooperation.

Franz Karl Prüller

Senior Advisor to the ERSTE Foundation Board

The Forum MNE, in cooperation with the Municipality of Budva, established a youth club in 2017, whereby, with dedication and professionalism, they have implemented every phase of the project, which involved activities from equipping the club to building the capacities of the team of volunteers to lead it. With this Forum MNE has set a stable foundation and provided support for successful work with the youth.

Katarina Vukadinović

Associate at Youth Office in the Municipality of Budva

Forum MNE is the first organization in which I started working on strengthening of my own capacities as a young person. Throughout my high school education, the Forum MNE provided me with all the support I needed. Thanks to the Forum MNE, I continued to be actively involved in youth policy and youth work, all in order to strengthen the youth, especially from the Roma population.

Serđan Baftijari

Programme Manager, NGO ROM Phiren Amenca

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