Private Institution for Adult Education “Forum mladi i neformalna edukacija“

Educational program for obtaining Youth Activist vocational qualification is seeking to support professionalization of youth services and development of youth policy in Montenegro. Having in mind the specific nature of the profession, this could not be achieved through the formal education system. Forum MNE worked 15 years on recognition and accreditation of this vocation and in 2017 it was officially adopted. Adult Education Provider “Forum mladi i neformalna edukacija“ was founded in 2019 with aim to work on accreditation of Youth Activist vocation.

Youth activists will work in the field of youth work, which is defined in Article 4 of Youth Law as follows: Youth work represents the activities that are organized with youth and for youth with aim to support young people’s independence and transition to adulthood, learning, and personal and social development, in accordance with their needs and opportunities, and based on non-formal education methods.

Please e-mail us at: for additional information about the program or to apply for admission.

Licenced Youth Activists



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