Continuing Education Programme

Forum MNE academy is an educational service provided by the organization to young people, those working with youth, teachers, schools, other organizations, institutions, etc. There are two types of programmes within the Academy, permanent and the occasionally implemented ones. In most cases, programmes are standardized, but, depending on the needs, there is a possibility to modify methods, duration and learning outcomes. For more information, please contact us at the following e-mail address:

Education of young activists

The youth activist vocation was recognized on March 13, 2017. In order to educate youth activists, Forum MNE has a standardized programme consisting of three three-day training sessions, which also includes mentoring supervision for conducting practice, after which an examination is organized in cooperation with the Center for Vocational Education. 

Some of the expert competencies of a youth activist, which are recognized as the vocational standard, are enlisted bellow:

  • Ensures quality in accordance with youth work standards;
  • Organizes youth exchanges, festivals, events, campaigns, educational youth camps, educational and entertainment programmes and runs info centers;
  • Designs and creates project proposals in accordance with international recommendations and charters on the participation of young people, in line with the needs of the communities in which they work;
  • Provides support to initiatives of other young people or children;
  • Recognizes, guides and uses leadership potential within himself/herself and other young people and transfers it to community activism;
  • Ensures the protection of health and the environment.


As one of the models of youth clubs in Montenegro, which was successfully introduced by Forum MNE, has proven to be the concept of volunteer-led youth clubs. In short, it implies that young people are the ones who initiate the opening of the youth club and develop and carry out youth work activities together with their peers. Support to this process, mostly in the area of capacity building for young people, but also for providing support in their individual development, is provided by NGOs. The youth club must have clear standards of functioning, structure, organization and programme. The team that leads one volunteer youth club is responsible for the activities the club offers.

The team of experts/youth workers from Forum MNE, as a part of their engagement, offers training on setting up and running youth clubs, whereby future youth workers and activists, who will work in the club, are getting acquainted with the basic principles of youth work, as well as with the recommended standards and procedures in the management of youth clubs.

Teacher trainings

As a part of the professional training programme for teachers in high vocational schools, elementary schools and grammar schools, which is coordinated by the Bureau for Educational Services and the Centre for Vocational Education of the Ministry of Education of Montenegro, Forum MNE conducts the following accredited trainings which are: Understanding of an Adolescent in the Classroom, Creative Dealing with Conflicts in the Classroom and the Key Competence ‘Learn How to Learn’.


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