Vision: A peaceful and just society with young active citizens contributing to its development.

 Mission: Forum MNE is an organization which develops its vision by supporting the development of young people into conscious, responsible and active individuals and citizens capable of recognizing, seeking and realizing their rights, while contributing the development of a just and peaceful society.

We develop and implement programs and projects which promote: non-formal education, community youth work, youth activism, values of EU and democracy, child and human rights and youth policy. We make every effort so that our programs contribute to the sustainable development, and that our operation is socially responsible.


Forum MNE implements all programs in accordance with its 4 strategic directions:

  • Welfare and well-being of young people
  • Youth and solidarity, cooperation and cohesion
  • Youth and healthy environment
  • Activism and participation of young people in the democratic life of society


  • Ulica Bratstva i jedinstva 4, 81000 Podgorica
  • +382 (0) 20 602 710
  • montenegro@forum-mne.com

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