Youth Activist Achievement Festival

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Since March 13, 2017, Montenegro has got a new occupation that is of great importance for people working with young people and engaged in youth work.

Namely, it is a licensed program for occupation of youth activist. The need for this profession was recognized by the Forum MNE as being important, contributing to the professionalization of youth work, and provided an opportunity for all those, without university education, to get engaged in youth work in a responsible and professional manner within the community.

From 2017 to the end of 2019, the MNE Forum coaching team, with the support of the Ministry of Sport and Youth, trained two generations, that is, 20 people, and gave them the opportunity to improve and disseminate the knowledge, skills and competences needed in youth work.

The Youth Activists Achievement Festival has rounded up the story of these two generations, so on December 16, 2019 we were able to hear firsthand experiences of the students. As they pointed out, an important moment for them, in addition to acquiring theoretical knowledge in this field, is the practical application of that knowledge, through a set of 10 workshops as part of their practice. What distinguishes this program from all other programs is the work at a personal level, so the participants, as they pointed out, have become better people.

The beauty of the festival was also reflected in the performances and routines that the youth made and drew attention to various topics, among which they highlighted peer violence, how to recognize and confront it, conflict resolution, youth cultural needs, etc.

The aim of education of this staff is also to strengthen youth services (youth clubs and centers) at the local level, to make the services programmatically adapted to the real needs of young people, to have their own programs and activities. Youth activists are ready for all this if the local governments give them the opportunity.


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