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This publication was made as part of the project “Service Learning for More Inclusive Communities”, implemented by Forum MNE.  It is based on the experience in the implementation of service learning projects, lessons learned and the inputs received from the participants.

Its goal is to provide information and guidelines to teaching staff, youth workers and all those dealing with young people – to help them in the process. The publication consists of two parts.

The first part is dedicated to the presentation of the service learning concept and its application in formal and non-formal education. This part presents the main advantages of this concept and offers specific and practical advice for those willing to use the concept in their work.

The second part of the publication presents a total number of 14 service learning initiatives implemented through the project in 2022: 65 young people from Nikšić, Budva and Podgorica took part in the service learning training programme and had the opportunity to learn how this concept can improve their learning process and help them develop various skills.

After that, divided into small teams and assisted by their mentors, they implemented the service learning projects based on the research and assessment of the target groups’ needs. These projects dealt with peer violence prevention, healthy lifestyles, legal awareness, sexual education, mental health etc.

We hope that this publication will be useful to all those eager to improve their work with the children and youth through service learning, and that it will provide the guidelines and the ideas to encourage active involvement of children and young people in community development.

Download the publication HERE.



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