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Successful Stories is an activity created as part of the Promo Campaign of the Divided Past – Joint Future Project implemented by the YCC Banja Luka, funded by the EU.

Culture and Common Language for New Bridges is a project implemented by the NGO Avlija, supported through a small grant program under the Divided Past – Joint Future Project. A Successful Story of NGO Avlija, whose main goal is to strengthen the belief that a common language (Bosnian, Serbian, Croatian, Montenegrin), literature in a common language as well as a common cultural heritage are an advantage in the process of reconciliation and peacebuilding in the Western Balkans, you can find HERE.

Youth Forum Theatre – A Tool for Reconstructing the Reconciliation Process is a project aimed at contributing to a fair, equitable and intercultural local community by raising public awareness and empowering young people. The project was implemented by the Youth Cultural Center of Herceg Novi, and you can find the publication HERE.

Peacebuilding – The Priority of My Community is a project implemented by the NGO New Horizon, whose main goal is to strengthen intercultural dialogue, build confidence and promote peace among young people in the local community and beyond, as well as to create new youth potential through training peer educators within a special educational program on intercultural dialogue and peacebuilding. You can find the publication HERE.

The project is being implemented in partnership with 18 organizations from the Western Balkans and Turkey, namely: Forum MNE, Montenegro; Youth Communication Center (YCC), MOVIT – Institute for Development of Youth Mobility Ljubljana; Interkulturelles Zentrum, Austria; Institute for Social Research Zagreb; Youth Peace Group Danube, Croatia; Regional Foundation for Local Development – Zamah, Croatia; Youth Resource Centre Tuzla; Educational Centre Kruševac, Serbia, War Trauma Centre, Serbia; Vojvodina Environmental Movement; LENS, Kosovo; Beyond Barriers, Albania; Youth Cultural Center Bitola, MK; Progress Institute for Social Democracy, MK; Toplum Gonulluleri Waqfi, Turkey; EUROCLIO – European Association of History Educators, The Netherlands; South East European Youth Network, BiH.


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