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Today (December 17, 2020), two-day training “Meet the Silence” was successfully completed. The activity was implemented by Forum MNE within the project “Youth Silence Fiction” with the support of the US Embassy in Podgorica, in partnership with the International Youth Silent Film Festival.

Project activities, including this training, allows young people between the age of 16 to 20 to learn more about the world of film, synopsis, screenwriting, framing , elements of production and the like, with the training and mentoring of the producer Biljana Vušović and the Underhill festival director Vuk Perović.

The executive director of Forum MNE, Elvira Hadžibegović Bubanja, made the introduction remarks, emphasizing the contentment that the introduction of the Silent Movie concept in Montenegro has already captured great interest and that she hopes that this art form will create space for young non-established artists to present their ideas and views.

Ambassador Judy Rising Reinke expressed great satisfaction that she is able to follow and support the process of introducing this concept and reviving this already well-known art form. With this project, supported by the US Embassy, Montenegro joins a global movement that originated in the US State of Oregon: the International Silent Film Festival for Youth. Festival President Jon Palanuk expressed great satisfaction that Montenegro will join the festival.

As part of the project, 10 tutorials were recorded, which will be a resource for young people in Montenegro during the process of preparation of their short silent movies.

As Ambassador Reinke said in the introduction, “In a world buzzing with words and conversation, there is usually not enough silence to hear and truly understand each other.”

Satisfied with the results of the completed training, we are looking forward to the creative process that follows, and soon there will be more information on how those of you who have not participated in the training can get involved.



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