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Over 200 young people have contributed through the Youth Dialogue on social cohesion. At 3 events in the southern, central and northern regions, held on September 26, 27, and 30, challenges were discussed in their communities, and recommendations were made to overcome these problems.

The three most important indicators that young people discussed were:
• Stable social relations
• Connectedness in society, and
• Common good in focus.

The problem, highlighted through all three of these indicators and across all three Montenegrin regions, is the demotivation of young people, which leads to the non-inclusion of young people, inattention, loss of concentration, will, desire and faith in what they can achieve.
They said that they lost or did not receive motivation in schools, which also indicated a fundamental problem with the demotivation of those who transmitted knowledge.

Even those motivated by the desire to succeed, halfway give up because there is no desired reaction to their action.

Apart from the great uninformedness of young people about the possibilities of their more active participation in social life, there is a great problem of lack of communication with institutions, that is, the lack of respect for the voices of young people which is clearly targeted problem.

What most young people have pointed out is that they want to improve youth services, more youth clubs, seminars, courses, workshops for all Montenegrin cities, for all young people in Montenegro, because as the youth from the northern and southern regions have pointed out, they were aware of the existence of such activities and were not even able to participate in them.

We want more educational institutions to be better informed about these activities, where each is to establish a separate body with a great deal of obligation and responsibility for directing and informing young people about everything I’ve talked about so far.

Challenges and solutions were presented at the Days of Dialogue event, held on 2 and 3 October.

Youth Dialogue Day “Youth Friendly Society” is implemented by Forum MNE with the support of UNICEF Montenegro, and within the framework of the regional program Dialogue for Future, implemented by UNICEF, UNDP and UNESCO in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Serbia with the support of the governments of these countries. The aim of the program is to build confidence in the region through dialogue and policy recommendations and action in the field of shared priorities, while promoting social cohesion and intercultural understanding.


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