„Divided Past – Joint Future“ is the project implemented by Youth Communication Centre (YCC) Banja Luka, in partnership with 18 organizations from the Western Balkans and Turkey. The overall objective of this project is to strengthen the capacities of civil society organizations to establish more effective regional cooperation, as well as to strengthen capacities in order to increase credibility, political participation and effectiveness in advocating the prevention of radicalization, and better facilitation in inter-ethnic dialogue on the territory of the Western Balkans and Turkey.

Implementation period: 2016-2020

Donor: European Union

Partners: Youth Communication Centre (YCC), MOVIT – Institute for the Development of Youth Mobility Ljubljana; Interkulturelles Zentrum, Austria; Institute for Social Research Zagreb; Youth Peace Group Danube, Croatia; Regional Foundation for Local Development – Zamah Croatia; Youth Resource Center (ORC) Tuzla, Educational Center Kruševac, Serbia, War Trauma Center, Serbia; Vojvodina Environmental Movement; LENS, Kosovo; Forum MNE, Montenegro, Beyond Barriers, Albania; Youth Cultural Center – Bitola, North Macedonia; Progress Institute for Social Democracy, North Macedonia; Toplum Gonulluleri Vakfi, Turkey; EUROCLIO – European Association of History Educators, the Netherlands; South East European Youth Network, Bosnia and Herzegovina.


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