The project objective is to contribute to the introduction of the concept of service-learning in the educational system of Montenegro. Service-learning is a form of education that contributes to better knowledge acquirement within the field of curriculum, at the same time helping the development of the local community.

Through service-learning, young people have the opportunity to apply concrete knowledge acquired throughout formal education, and to, throughout development of their own ideas, contribute to strengthening of their capacities. The project includes 30 students from the Faculty of Political Sciences of the University of Montenegro and the Faculty of Visual Arts of the Mediterranean University, 15 high-school students from the Youth Center in Podgorica and at least 4 professors. University and high school students actively participate in all phases – from planning to carrying out activities, collaborating with the community in solving the identified problems, while strengthening the link with the curricula of universities and high schools.

All of the aforementioned will be implemented through the following activities: Planning phase, launching of the Service-Learning Programme, Capacity Building Programme, implementation of Service- Learning Projects, a two-day festival that will present the results of the implemented projects, project evaluation and project promotion activities.

Implementation Period: 01/09/2017 – 29/02/2019.

Partners: Faculty of Political Sciences of the University of Montenegro, Faculty of Visual Arts of the Mediterranean University and Directorate for Youth (Ministry of Sports)


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