DigiYouth – Training Course of Youth Workers in Digital Era

  • The aim of the training is to immerse youth workers into a digital experience to explore the extent to which the digital world can be a part of the youth work experience. During the training youth workers will explore the role of the digital as a youth work approach, better understand the needs of young people in relation to the digital, explore and understand how to use digital tools, apps and platforms in a variety of youth work settings and gained an understanding of digital safety issues.


  • The project aims to equip those in contact with young public with the necessary skills firstly to help young people build up their resistance and critical thinking skills, so as not to become attracted by extremist and populist ideas, oppressive and hate-driven narratives and secondly to become the advocate and campaigner for human rights using CANs. It includes the following activities:
    1 – Training Course from 8 to 17 January in Rustavi, Georgia:
    2 – Intermediate phase, where the participants are going to apply their new knowledge and build new Counter and Alternative Narratives
    3 – Seminar in Norger, Netherlands from 2 to 8 of March


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