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Forum MNE initiated action for building capacities of youth sector in Montenegro for using digital platforms, which was supported by OSCE Mission to Montenegro and gathered 19 CSOs.

It consisted of two modules of basic and advanced capacity-building training courses, which enhanced participants’ knowledge about available digital platforms and their application in everyday work. Participants learned how to use various platforms for meetings, training courses, conferences and/or research in an online mode.

Training courses were conducted in partnership with South East European Youth Network and included representatives of the following organizations: NGO COSMO, NGA Djeca Crne Gore, NGO Pandora, Agencija za lokalnu demokratiju Nikšić, LDA Montenegro, Centar za obuku i obrazovanje, CG Alfa Centar Niksić, Mreža za mlade Crne Gore, NGO Prima, Centar za ekonomski prosperitet i slobodu – CEPS, Građanska inicijativa mladih, Udruženje mladih sa hendikepom Crne Gore – AYDM, NGO Centar za omladinsku edukaciju, Organisation of Montenegrins Studying Abroad, Bona Fide Pljevlja, Avlija, Studentski radio KRŠ, NGO TNT i NGO Kuća.

Digitization of programmes was also an inevitable step for Forum MNE, explained Elvira Hadžibegović-Bubanja, Forum’s Executive Director. “The epidemiological situation has just accelerated the process. Youth programmes and work must be transferred to an online space to respond to the needs of young people.

Within the initiative OSCE Mission to Montenegro delivered IT equipment (cameras, speakers, microphones, headphones..) to 19 CSOs from 15 to 26 March.

In addition to the IT equipment, the CSOs, which work with youth, received life-long Windows licenses and an annual license for a cloud software platform for video and audio conferencing, chat, and webinars.

Siv-Katrine Leirtroe, Deputy Head of the OSCE Mission to Montenegro, said: “The Mission has been continuously supporting youth-related activities, which is especially important at a time when our normal functioning is limited and requires additional efforts and resources. We are pleased that the donated equipment will facilitate CSOs work with young people.”

Additionally, within the initiative video tutorials were created aiming to strengthen the capacities for using digital platforms of as many CSOs as possible, but also of all other interested actors. Video tutorials are available HERE.



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