The programme objective is to contribute to strengthening of intercultural dialogue, youth mobility, acceptance of diversities and access to cultural contents through the organization and implementation of annual intercultural educational exchanges in Trogen, Switzerland. It is envisaged that each exchange encompasses 40 young people of different genders, socioeconomic status and religious and ethnic affiliation.

The first exchange, which included 40 students of the Gymnasium “Slobodan Škerović” from Podgorica, was organized in November 2017. In 2018, 40 students from the Gymnasium “30. September” and the Secondary Technical School in Rožaje were also given the same opportunity, for which we have also had support of the Ministry of Sports of Montenegro. The programme covers the following topics: anti-discrimination, intercultural communication, respect for human rights, non-violent communication, democracy, conflict transformation and similar.

All of the aforementioned is carried out through the following activities: opening of competitions for potential participants and selection of supervisors, selection of participants based on application forms and interviews, organization of meetings with supervisors, organization of workshops with participants and parents, carrying out intercultural educational exchange (arrival and stay in the Children’s Village, organization and implementation of non-formal type of workshops, preparation and recording of radio broadcasts), after-exchange activities as well as activities on the promotion of the project.

Duration of the project: open

Donor: Pestalozzi Children’s Foundation


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