Project aims to boost the local and regional partnerships between CSOs and local governments (administrations) for good governance with youth participating in decision making processes and strengthening participatory democracies in the Western Balkans.

The regional project is implemented by MIOS (Bosnia i Herzegovina) in partnership with TOKA (Kosovo) and Forum MNE (Montenegro), including WB6: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Kosovo, North Macedonia and Serbia.

Specific objectives:

SO1. Support CSO network growth in the Western Balkan – by sharing the Service-Learning methodology and involving them in the CSEESLN. The project envisages interventions at all relevant societal levels to affect change – youth, youth leaders, local communities and government.

SO2. Build the capacity of youth leaders and young people to advocate more effectively in specific governance topics that are relevant to them (the focus of the project is on digital literacy, civil society participation, fight against fake news) – locally and regionally. Use these topics as a platform for peace-building dialogue between youth from WB6 countries.

SO3. Strengthen the cooperation with public authorities in the field of youth activism, and secure an increase in their concrete support for community service initiatives that are identified, designed and implemented by youth – thus boosting sustainability.

Donor: The project is supported by the Regional grant of the “SMART Balkans – Civil Society for Shared Society in the Western Balkans” regional project implemented by Centar za promociju civilnog društva (CPCD), Center for Research and Policy Making (CRPM) and Institute for Democracy and Mediation (IDM) and financially supported by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (NMFA).

Total budget: 186 164, 00 EUR

Implementation period: 01/02/2023 – 31/12/2024.


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