Aim: Sensitise mothers in preventing extreme and violent behaviour in their youth

Mothers present a missing link in preventing extreme and violent behaviour in their youth. Their unparalleled physical and emotional proximity make them witnesses of every stage in their child’s development. While mothers thus have the potential to intervene if necessary, they often lack the essential knowledge and self-confidence to recognise and address the early warning signs in their sons and daughters.

In response, Women without Borders (WwB) developed and designed the pioneering MotherSchools: Parenting for Peace Model. MotherSchools are not schools in the traditional sense. They are a series of weekly workshops connecting mothers to share their experiences, discuss concerns, learn from each other, and discover their power as parents to bring peaceful solutions to common problems affecting the youth in vulnerable homes and neighbourhoods.

Duration: 2018-2020

Since 2012, Women without Borders has impacted some 3000 concerned and affected mothers across 15 countries.

In 2019, Women without Borders forged a partnership with Forum MNE to implement the MotherSchools programme in Podgorica.


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